Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter Break

My wife and I spent this Christmas season in my Connecticut hometown and I got to take my dog through the woods and around the lake that were both strong agents in molding me.  On Christmas Eve morning, I took the dog out the back for her first sprint through my past as the sun's light still hid.  She, understandably, had no idea how sacred this spiritual journey was supposed to be as she chased squirrels, jumped into the lake, rustled leaves, chewed fallen branches, and generally made merry through all of her new surroundings--and that was the thought on which my mind fixated.  New surroundings.  New surroundings.  New surroundings. 

She should know these paths.  She should know me.  Isn't there psychic bond between us?  This isn't new--you've looked into my eyes and smelled my smells and studied me.  Don't you know this?

My mind was cluttered and a new thought crashed the party.  "I've changed by not changing at all, small town predicts my fate, perhaps that's what no one wants to see."  Where did that Pearl Jam lyric come from?  Maybe as my dog kicked up part of my now defunct fort from 1993, she hit play on the memories scattered around this repository.  

Maybe.  Maybe that's why I started this blog.  Maybe this is a New Year's Resolution.  Maybe this is a fleeting thought.  Maybe this will slow down and groom the gyre in my mind into perfect A-frame waves peeling off a sandbar. 

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