Saturday, January 21, 2012

Locker Room Culture

Most would agree a locker room becomes the team's pious place for  revitalization, focus, clarity, and accountability.

This locker room is clean.
 The locker room is also haunted and we've all experienced the spirit of a place.

Sometimes we walk down into our basement and need to sprint back up the stairs because we feel like something malevolent is about to swallow us.  We've also sat on a beach with the sun massaging our melanin, calming our minds, and swaddling us with unconditional love. 

What is the spirit of your locker room?  I found a great resource from Chris Edmonds here.  I plan to post his 12 indicators in our English department work room.

But, what is the spirit of your locker room?  The effective leader needs to know if the locker room is the dark basement, the warm tropical beach, or somewhere in between.  Is their a Beast lurking, waiting, and timing its attack or is your house clean?

Look for sects within your team.  People will naturally group themselves based on similar backgrounds and familiar experiences. 

Then, spend time with each of these sects away from the locker room and find out what each sect believes.  Make sure they are forming a collective psyche that can be a positive force in your locker room.  Coach them.  Lead them to other sects and be ready to exorcise any Beasts that are absorbing power.

The effective leader is vigilant.

The effective leader knows the dark corners.

The effective leader is prepared to make quick decisions.

Be ready to exorcise any demon.


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    1. Thank you for reading and thank you for the comment. I'm not quite sure I follow your idea...but nonetheless, thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.
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