Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Mash Up

Brady Heslip's story courtesy of Andy Katz.  Here is a kid that will forever be remembered in the NCAA statistical records, and he didn't have the straight-forward journey to get there.  

Roger Rubin's article in the New York Daily News includes a great line from Kyle O'Quinn:  “People ask about what it was like in the game but at the end it was just us playing basketball. Those other teams are names, but they’re just players like us, so why not us?"  

This quote reminds us that kids are playing a game, kids are competing, kids are ecstatic upon victory, and kids are crushed upon defeat.  And hopefully, kids are having fun playing a game with  former high school teammates and rivals.  

Kyle O'Quinn enjoying the moment with his coach.

Spring is here and Washington D.C. celebrates its 100th Cherry Blossom Festival.  Here is a timeline of the last 100 years and the D.C. cherry trees.

Here is a link for information about the St. Patrick's Day you may or may not know.

The show is timeless.  If high school classes in 2012 of predominately Hispanic immigrants can relate to this, Bill Cosby did something right.

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