Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Best Things in Life are Free

The best things in life are free.  I hope you enjoy the list.   I tried to pull a variety of versions to make this as interactive as possible.  Pick your version and enjoy.

George Olsen:  The O.G. version.

Lena Horne: the sexy, classic, and if you see her at a bar you'd be too intimidated to break the ice choice.

Ink Spots:  the Mafia's  if you hear this come on you are probably about to be made or be whacked choice.  Listen with caution.

Bing Crosby:  The standard crooner version that a college guy could put on to impress the cute girl across the hall because she doesn't know any other option choice.  

Sam Cooke:  The cool cat social movement catalyst choice that isn't as good as some of the other versions but is forgiven for his Change Is Gonna Come classic.  

Hank Mobley Quintet:  The underrated saxophonist, light a full bodied cigar,  pour a glass of whiskey, sit on a leather couch, and pass a spring weekend with a long-lost friend version.   By the way, this is my favorite version.

Other Notables:

Jo Stafford   and  Dinah Shore  the classics that are undeniable, but both seem dated versions

Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross  the inspiration for the post, the I love the 90s, the I love spin-off movies like Mo'Money, and the "now that I discovered what you mean to me" high school dance moment version

The Muppet Show   the I vaguely remember this and it may get lost from our collective cultural psyches if we don't keep this floating around version

R. Kelly  the version that is really good and I really like.       But, he did pee on a 16 year old girl... 

Let me know if I missed any one's preferred version of The Best Things in Life are Free.  Thanks for reading and happy listening.

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