Sunday, February 12, 2012

Top 3 Whitney Houston Songs

Whitney Houston was sexy.  I loved her vocals.  I loved her quintessential 80s and 90s songs.  I might have stared a little too long at her videos, album art, and MTV appearances.  I loved Whitney Houston's unabashed love for Bobby Brown, whom I loved from his New Edition days.  For some reason, Cool It Now always finds its way onto my mixes.

Here are my top 3 Whitney Houston songs:

3. I get so Emotional

The jeans, white T-Shirt, and leather jacket made her seem like she could live around the corner from me.  I remember the older girls on the bus, if they were hot, dressed like this and *loved* Whitney Houston.  So, any smart prepubescent boy loved Whitney Houston to fit in with their big sister/babysitter tendencies.   I remember this girl, Melissa, used to let me listen to her Walkman and I would get so emotional when our thighs touched while we crammed into the back seat of the bus.

2.  I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)

Do you remember how all the girls started doing their makeup like this?  How could any boy concentrate at school?  Forget about that purple dress.  When this song comes on at school dances, you best find your way to the section of girls that dress and dance like Whitney Houston.  Without a doubt, this will always be in my top Whitney Houston songs.

1.  I Will Always Love You

This version urbanized the song and cemented it into the psyche of the children of the 90s.  Even Adam Sandler references it in the movie Bulletproof.  I love when Whitney is sitting in the chair.  When she snaps her head up and belts out the chorus...that is what made Whitney Houston great and that is what put this song at the top of the list.

Let me know what your top Whitney Houston songs are and here's to you, Whitney.

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