Saturday, February 11, 2012

Movies I love...and my Mom Hates

There is a plethora (honorable mention: Three Amigos) of movie lists out there.  This is my list of movies that most influenced the weekends of the late 80s and that my mom never approved, never knew we we watched, or made her worry about who her two sons would eventually become.

1.   The Last Dragon

The movie came out in 1985, but my brother and I probably discovered it when it landed on HBO a year or two later.  This had everything we wanted: corny humor,  fighting montages we could imitate, and an obscurity only the boys on our street would know--like a secret handshake.  This also had questionable content that drove our mother insane: our affinity for urban culture, violence, and an over-sexualized Lady Laura.  

2.  Youngblood

A 1986 classic that we didn't see until its HBO airing.  This was another movie my brother and I would watch really early in the morning while my mom still slept.  This was also a movie my neighbors would have been watching at the EXACT same time and as soon as it ended, we would meet up on the street in the most uncanny of ways to reenact this scene.  We never were the biggest hockey fans, and we only played hockey when the lake froze over and the ice fishing wasn't hot.  We went through phases of loving and hating street hockey, but this was our model to copy for all of our sick puck skills.  We also modeled all of our goal keeping style on this guy too.

3.  Predator

By the 90s, she knew we loved the movie.  In the early morning HBO hours of the late 80s?  No way.  Funny how we used to have these Entertech Water Guns that my mom would buy for us: "The look, the feel, the sound--SO REAL!"  We used to call it "bang Gotcha! war."  We'd take turns being the Predator and hunt each other down.  Awesome 80s violence. 

Honorable Mentions:

 Mom never appreciated how we would beat each other with sticks, drop rocks on each other, and try to beat each other up.

 Why was Van Damme so good at making bad movies?  We loved this movie and would reenact all of the scenes.  We used to set up fighting tournaments and try to fight blind folded.  I think the title of this movie turned my mom off too.

Best of the Best.

Gleaming the Cube.
We never actually owned a skateboard.  We would use our neighbor's and try to shred.  Too many injuries and such a weird title that definitely turned my mom off from this movie.  

Let me know if any of these resonate with you and your mom, and if we are long lost soul mates.

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